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What we offer

Our work is adapted to each project requirement
The following schedule shows the various services which are proposed by Verhaaren Naval Architect.


Establish following documents :
-Ship’s technical specification
-General Arrangement drawing
-Hull lines,  appendages drawings and 3D hull modeling
-Exterior design and styling
-Main frame scantling
-Tanks  arrangement
-Provisional weight estimate
-Provisional stability
-Powering – Range
-Provisional electrical balance
-Rendered views

Assistance to ship owners after build contract

-Detailed exterior design
-Contract management (contract requirements for technical and financial aspects, schedules, etc)
-Sea Acceptance Trials
-Negotiations for the ship’s acceptance

Assistance to ship owners before build contract

-Invitation to tender
-Evaluation of offers
-Technical and contractual negotiations with shipyards

Independent services

-Hydrodynamic calculations (resistance, motions, hydrodynamic forces, manoeuvrability)
-Hydrostatic and stability calculations (deterministic and probabilistic)
-Structure calculations